October 2, 2013

How to Sell a Recipe

If you have a cherished family recipe that’s been passed down through the generations that folks rave about, you may wonder if you can sell the recipe for money? Or maybe you have a fondness for developing new and unusual recipes and want to market them? The good news is there is a viable market for recipes as long as the recipes are unique and hard-to-find. With the easy access to common recipes the internet provides you’re probably not going to make a lot of money selling another fried chicken recipe. On the other hand, if you have a never-before-published recipe for an unusual dish, you may find a market for your creation. Here are some tips on selling recipes:


How to sell a recipe: Give away the recipe and sell a product

If you have recipes for dishes that require use of a particular appliance or cookware, it might be more profitable to give away your recipes while promoting the cookware needed to make them. You could set up a small website that lists your recipes along with links to affiliate programs that sell the items needed to make them. Affiliate programs are companies that give you a percentage of all sales you refer to them. To find an affiliate program, you simply do an online search for the name of the product plus affiliate program. For example, if you’ve developed a delicious line of smoothie recipes, you would set up a website giving away your smoothie recipes. You’d include lots of attractive photos of smoothies and photos of blenders you’re promoting to make the recipes. At the end of each recipe would be a link to purchase the blender you recommend. Many internet marketers do quite well with this technique.


How to sell a recipe: Sell recipes through online classifieds

There are some people who have success selling recipes on online classified sites such as Craig’s List. The most successful entries seem to be ones who have compiled a collection of several recipes using a specific ingredient, appliance, or technique. For example, here are some of the recipe related classifieds recently on Craig’s list:

Grape wine and Homemade Ky. Beer recipes – $5

Quick and simple lasagna recipe – $1

If you can make your recipes sound fresh and appealing and if they can’t be easily found on the internet, you may find success with this method. Plus, advertising on many of the online classified sites is free.

How to sell a recipe: Sell the ingredients as a packaged mix or kit

Have you ever walked through a country craft mall and seen little packages containing everything you need to make a cup of soap or a tray of muffins? They’re usually packaged quite attractively in country fashion which appeals to the emotions of the person browsing. If you have a recipe where you can readily package the ingredients into a mix or kit, you can sell them at old country stores, craft malls, and craft shows. Try visiting some of these venues and take note of how these entrepreneurs have packaged their offerings. Determine whether or not you can sell your recipe in a similar manner.

Of course there’s always the option of packaging your recipes into an ebook or submitting a proposal for a recipe book to a publisher. Cookbooks always seem to have a ready market particularly if it’s marketed to a niche audience.

If you love cooking, there are a variety of avenues you can use to sell your recipes. Why not give these ideas a try?

August 4, 2013

Smoking and Life Insurance

Life insurance is a way to prepare for an inevitable end and an unknown future. There are several different kinds of insurance plans and agencies that will promise you the world, but can not cover most expenses if it ever comes to it. It is always best to shop around and get quotes from several different life insurance agencies. One agency that I did find to be a reputable life insurance agency, you can find here. However, even with the right insurance, if you are a smoker or use any nicotine, you will be paying a higher premium when it comes to medical emergencies. The insurance agencies see smoking and other nicotine habits as a health hazard. Find out how the insurance agency ranks the risk class for smokers and nicotine users, because it is different for every agency. With that being said, rates will be different for every customer too and you should see if you qualify for low monthly plans or six month deals. There are a few factors that go into determining how much more you will be paying, including the amount of life insurance in your plan, your age, and your health. Unfortunately, smokers are defined as nicotine users, and that risk class encompasses all nicotine products from smokeless tobacco to cigars. Statistics say the cost of life insurance for smokers is almost four times more than for nonsmokers. With that being said, lying about being a smoker to keep from being categorized for smokers life insurance is considered insurance fraud and is not taken lightly. For example, if you get an insurance policy classified as a nonsmoker. Then the insurance company learns that you were a regular smoker when you die, your life insurance claim could be denied and the beneficiaries will not be entitled to anything. Other things that can get your policy denied in the long run involve lying about drug use, lying about pre existing medical conditions or even lying about income. Most life insurance companies will ask for documentation to back up your medical history with a recent medical exam, so you could be easily found out and even denied coverage early on. Even if you are categorized as a smoker at first in your life insurance policy, and you quit smoking later, you could always be recategorized and have your rate reduced. Most insurance agencies require you to be smoke free for at least 12 months to be able to qualify for reduced rates.. The worst thing to do is have a casual cigar or cigarette here and there, or if you need life insurance as a marijuana smoker, especially if the life insurance agency requires a medical exam. Life insurance companies commonly allow you to be rated again by filling out an application to change your risk rating, also called your risk profile.

April 15, 2013

Mortgage Life Insurance

There are many options for mortgage life insurance, yet many people either don’t have it or don’t know what it is. The terms surrounding this type of coverage is a bit controversial, yet the benefits outweigh the risks and make this type of protection an attractive option. Mortgage Life Insurance is a type of insurance specially intended to safeguard the repayment of a mortgage. If the policyholder were to perish while the insurance policy was in force, the insurance company would repay the remaining amount on the mortgage.

Mortgage life insurance is not the same as private mortgage insurance and the two are often confused. Mortgage life insurance protects the owner’s ability to pay their mortgage for the life of the loan, which is not always considered to be the payoff amount. On the other hand, private mortgage insurance protects the lender should the borrower default on their mortgage, this is often found on higher value loans or those with questionable credit. When the mortgage life insurance originates, the assessment of the insurance coverage must be equivalent to the principal outstanding balance. The policies termination date is also underwritten for the same date as the final payment on mortgage.

The insurance company will compute the annual amount that the insurance protection should reduce in order to emulate the worth of the capital remaining on the repayment mortgage. Should a party fall behind on their repayments, the insurance company will normally keep to the original schedule and won’t keep up with the unresolved debt. Particular mortgage life insurance policies will continue to pay even if the party is diagnosed with a terminal illness. This includes those who are expected to perish within a year from diagnosis. Each policy has its own inclusions and clauses that should be carefully considered.

The main advantage of traditional life insurance over mortgage life insurance is that the previous sustains its face value during the lifespan of the policy, while the later agrees to pay out a sum equivalent to the client’s unresolved mortgage obligation at any time, which is characteristically a diminishing amount. While mortgage life insurance is not necessary by law, there are many benefits to purchasing this type of insurance policy. It offers some protection that the mortgage will be paid and these policies are typically not astronomical in amount. While many people don’t know what this type of policy is, the time to educate is now.

February 4, 2012

Life Insurance 101

The basic necessity of having life insurance is the acknowledgement of its true value within a human life and the possibility of compensation for the loss of that value in what its worth in life. Having life insurance from the best life insurance companies plays a vital part of our daily lives; it is use as a backup for our times of needs or any unforeseen event took place within our life. Throughout our everyday life we do not know what is bound to happen, what to expect, or what lies ahead in our destiny. That is why having life insurance is one of the basic essential to consider in covering yourself, supporting your family, and it fits within your budget. As the economy begins to grow in numbers, and the status of your income is effective due to your company change. It is hard to find the right life insurances that would fit your budget within your means. Although there are many different types of insurance polices out there which are available for you, It depends on the detailed information of the insurance company policy to determine which one you are looking for and agreeing with your budget without breaking your wallet. The most common life insurance that you can have is the premium basic life insurance. This policy has a safeguard protecting the holders, bringing security to the family, and even after death. A basic life insurance policy includes the burial assistance and final expenses without stressing the individual or family with a bill. When doing your research always compare rates for life insurance, some people feel more comfortable in choosing a larger life insurer company that does a lot of business for life holders other then the basic life insurance policy. Other companies insurance policy has a long list of benefits concerning there company and a price that is attach to it. Having to choose from the variety of the top life insurance companies within the United States is comparing the rates for life insurance and providing the right information for the public to see what each company is all about, what there list of benefits are, will it fit your needs as well as your budget, and taking care of your family after you’re gone.